IBE - Institute of Business Ethics

IBE - Institute of Business Ethics

About the IBE


The Institute of Business Ethics was established in 1986 by business to encourage high standards of business behaviour based on ethical values. It is a registered charity.

Our vision: To lead the dissemination of knowledge and good practice in business ethics.

What we do
We raise public awareness of the importance of doing business ethically, and collaborate with other UK and international organisations with interests and expertise in business ethics.

We help organisations to strengthen their ethics culture and encourage high standards of business behaviour based on ethical values. We assist in the development, implementation and embedding of effective and relevant ethics and corporate responsibility policies and programmes. We help organisations to provide guidance to staff and build relationships of trust with their principal stakeholders.

How we achieve this

  • Offering practical and confidential advice on ethical issues, policy, implementation, support systems and codes of ethics
  • Delivering training in business ethics for board members, staff and employees
  • Undertaking research and surveys into good practice and ethical business conduct
  • Publishing practical reports to help identify solutions to business dilemmas
  • Providing a neutral forum for debating current issues and meetings to facilitate the sharing of good practice
  • Supporting business education in the delivery of business ethics in the curriculum
  • Offering the media and others informed opinion on current issues and good practice. Please contact us if you would like assistance.

Our team apply their practical business experience of the issues that organisations face to fulfil the Institute's vision and mission.

The IBE is based in London and is supported by corporate and individual subscribers.